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April 29, 2011
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ZADR city action4 LierMagician by ZimPLUSDib ZADR city action4 LierMagician by ZimPLUSDib
Wooooo a!!! late present pic for :iconliermagician: HAPPY LATE bDAY!!!:la:

Hope this looks action-y enough xDD;;; again sorry so much for such a looong wait but I put a lot of time and work into this one ^^;;;...even though...

Hope you like :meow:

Characters (c) Jhonen vasquez

Art (c) me
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hazzybat Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2013
this looks a bit like the fight scenes in the avengers. i love it! 
LutraSun-shi Featured By Owner May 10, 2011
The no-line-ness again! :la:
Your no line stuff always looks so cool! :excited:
Again you are the queen of poses, I swear! :wow: This pic gives me vertigo every time I see it! :icondizzyplz:
ZimPLUSDib Featured By Owner May 10, 2011
Yes the no-line-ness!:iconimevilplz: I'm eveel!
Ahhh it doesn't look THAT cool :blushes: (it be HOT <w< [shot] xDD i keed i keed)
Naaah I'm not a queen of poses xD I failed at Zim's anatomy >_<;;
Thank you <x3 what's a vertigo??
LutraSun-shi Featured By Owner May 12, 2011
NO YOU'RE NOT!! It's awesome!! :la:
Hot, cool. Same thing. :meow:
What fail? I see no fail here! :iconsmartyplz:

Vertigo is basically extreme dizzy-ness that happens when you aren't moving - seeing things like that makes me all dizzy!
Heights!!! :icondizzyplz:
ZimPLUSDib Featured By Owner May 17, 2011
Well I kinda DID like how this one came out in overall :blushes: thank you :iconcblushplz:
I was kidding with that part!!!XDDD

Oh come oooon!Try pointing out some stuff that needs to be FIXED!Like...shoudln't those yellow windows in the background get fixed?I got lazy on those :noes:

....Vertigo...?...In this picture?...really? :O

Well height fear is a spreaded fear :giggle: 99% people I know have fears of heights XD
I can handle heights when I'm SITTING on the edge of a high city but when I'm STANDING I start to get a bit dizzy,too O_O but look at tHIS crazy kid!!!:jawdrop: [link] I mean the guy with the red shirt btw
LutraSun-shi Featured By Owner May 17, 2011
No problem. :huggle:
Sneaky, sneaky. :ninja:

Stuff that needs to be fixed? Er well... Everything looks great to me, the only thing I think should be changed is I think Dib's glasses would look better with black outlines - other then that everything looks great. :meow:

Really! Really! It looks like either one of them could fall any minute! :wow: HELP SPIDERMAN!! :eager:

I guess that makes sense - we're not really programmed to be on high stuff. XDD
....What is it with Russians and climbing high things???!! Every five minutes I see something about some Russian guy climbing up/across something that's in the air! And I always go - "Don't do it Mr. Russian!!" But they can't hear me! :faint:
That kid had some serious bravery-stuff!! Dear lord! :noes:

BTW, can I ask what his friends were saying? :iconforgivemeplz:
ZimPLUSDib Featured By Owner May 18, 2011
Sneaky sneaky but my picky :iconimhappyplz: [shot]

I haven't thoguht of that XDD Hmmm...[looks] I think you're right :O_o:

XDDDD random Spiderman!...[imagines Zim's entacles in Doctor Octopus style]...I don't think Spiderman will want to help ZIM out XDD
Oh by the way!I know who could defeat Spiderman!Guess!:noes:...ok's...NewspaperMan :noes::noes::noes:

Every five minutes?? xDD waht do you mean by that? O_o where?Doy ou search for them on youtube or something? XDD
A hell lot of russian youth these days love heights or show them they got the balls to do crazy things...I think XDD...I want to join them actually because adrenalin is fun:giggle:
NOPE THEY CANNOT HEAR YA!They are way up in the sky!:noes:Русские покорают небеса своей храбростю!:iconherotimeplz:
I know right?! O_O he jsut stood up so quickly!Sure,I could sense some fear in his doings but he did it! O___O

Awww you asked :iconhurrplz:

Translation of the whole video:

"Red guy going into the heightness: It's not scary at all XD

"Guy next to the video taker: I want to take a photo...the photos annoy me XC..:O [Russians have special curse words that cannot be translated to English well but I'll try to make it more to english]...[to the red hair]You fucked up idiot :iconwthplz:...[Red goes further]Shiiiit

Filmer: Can you imagine what adrenalin is he having right now? :noes:

Red hair guy: It only looks that way.It's not really scary

A guy from the back: FUCK ARE YOU A MORON GODDAMMIT!!

[view changes to the red-shirted one]

Next to filmer: BITCH OH FUCK!!!
[everyone's freaking out]

Red shirt: [unrecodnised bla bla]I can fall and die :D [stands up]

Friend: Wha- you're WALKING over there onfoot? :O


Guy: Okay guys stop yelling

Some other guy: You're gonna fall down dammit!!

Filmer: :O...XDDD even Kirill [the Red haired] yelled from the background! [points camera at Red haired]

Some guy: Okay stop yelling he's extreme <w<

Filmer: XDDD

Guy: [Red shirt goes further while sitting]'re going to stand up later?

everyone: O_O holy shiiii
We see you're shivering!You're gonna fall!

Filmer: HOLY - he's standing up![voice goes up]Shit!SHIT he's standing up!...He's up!

Some guy from the background (probably to Red haired XD): you're not gonig to do the same thing,got it? >_>

Filmer:......There's...a bajilion feet underneath us and he doesn't GIVE a fuck! :omg:
LutraSun-shi Featured By Owner May 20, 2011
Who keeps shooting us? :paranoid:

Whatever you want to do with it, it's your pic. :meow:

He tends to help anyone who's falling off of a tall building - even his own villains. XD
Newspaper-man was destroyed when Internet-man was able to imitate his powers digitally, for free and save many trees. Now Spiderman's biggest enemy - is himself. :C

I watch this channel on Youtube called "diagonaluk" that posts videos about stuff around the world. Whenever it's a vid about tightrope walking it's always a Russian guy doing it. "Don't do it Mr. Guy!! :eager:" He always does it anyway... XP
Yep, they are way up in the sky - and on the other side of the globe. :paranoid:

Uh.. er. YES! :icongreatjobplz:

To me he didn't look scared at all - doesn't mean I wasn't though! :iconscaredplz:

[Super secret Russian swears, huh? :iconimthinkingplz:]

Oh my gosh!! :rofl: Like I said! There's not much difference between us! XDD If this were a group of English kids they would have said the same things. :giggle:

I like at the end when one guy said to Red that he wasn't going to do the same thing - like a big brother. XDDD (I say that mainly because that's what I do with Dee a lot.

Dee: I wanna do [insert dangerous activity]! :la:
Me: No way in hell you are going to do that! :devil:)

Wanna hear something funny? The whole time I was watching the vid I was mainly wondering - why do those guys not have shirts on? :o
ZimPLUSDib Featured By Owner May 23, 2011
The shooters!:noes:

Well still! C<

That's spiderman for ya :iconspidermanplz:
I was making a lame joke here!!! XDDDD

You already told me that :iconimthinkingplz: Remember?When yuo showed me the chocolate room in my coutry thing? XDD (even before it,too xD)
Russian people tend to do what you tell them not to :devilish:...Unless it's jumping off of the cliff or something stupid like that :paranoid:......
Boy...I think I got some russian in me myself XDDD

Google translator,Lut :iconheyuplz:

His ankles were shaking a little XD

[Yep :D...for example nobody knows what one of the most popular Russian curse words "Bliat'" means.Not even us ourselves XDD though a lot of Russian curse words came from Totorians <_<]

Well there's one is really...REALLY hard to explain..even my examples XDD

I know right :aww: that was sweet.Hope it wasn't a tease "You're not going to do this,got it?:icontrollfaceplz:" and then the one who is told up ends up doing it anyway XDDD

A caring sister defender you are!:giggle:
I always wanted to do this :meow:-> [link]

There are so many of versions why XDD but for some reason I felt that that's how it was supposed to be :lmao: (Because my brother always used to not wear shirts at home and sometimes outside (if sitting on a bench or something) and I got used to it...But...[cough]Versions! 1. They wanted to throw shirt balls down into the height :iconimhappyplz: 2. They wanted to make flags out of them to claim "we were here" 3. It was jsut...very hot up there 4. They wanted to look sexy :iconimthinkingplz: 5. They were...doing...stuff [shot] 6. ALIENS STOLE EM :icongwahplz:
tttooohappy Featured By Owner May 4, 2011
um whut's hapning hear??
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